Moon Signs and their Personality Traits

The moon exerts a mysterious influence over the natural world. All sorts of animals rely on the moon for various behaviors, from navigation to feeding to spawning. When their behavior is not simply attributable to the extra light of a full moon, how and why these creatures exhibit different behaviors during different lunar phases remains somewhat of a mystery. If animal behaviors can be driven by the moon, it's not altogether unbelievable that the moon might have some effects on humans as well.

Most people know their zodiac sign as their sun sign, but did you know you also have a moon sign that corresponds to the location of the moon at the date and time of your birth? Below are some traditional personality descriptions for the twelve different lunar zodiac signs. Check if your moon sign sounds like you - it may very well sound more like you than your solar sign!

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♈ Aries Moon - The Trailblazer
With an Aries Moon, you possess fiery emotions and an impulsive nature. You're driven by your feelings and tend to act on instinct, often leaping before looking. Quick to anger but also quick to forgive, you thrive on challenges and enjoy starting new ventures.

♉ Taurus Moon - The Sensualist
A Taurus Moon brings about a grounded and sensual emotional nature. You find comfort in the material world and enjoy indulging in life's pleasures. Security is paramount, and you approach your emotions with patience and determination, often displaying a calm and steady disposition.

♊ Gemini Moon - The Communicator
Under the influence of a Gemini Moon, your emotions are linked closely to your intellect. You're curious, adaptable, and enjoy social interactions. Your feelings are often expressed through communication, making you an expressive conversationalist and a lifelong learner.

♋ Cancer Moon - The Nurturer
A Cancer Moon bestows you with a strong sense of empathy and an innate need to nurture others. You're highly attuned to your emotions and those of others, often seeking security and comfort in your home and family. Intuitive and caring, you're often the emotional rock for those around you.

♌ Leo Moon - The Performer
With a Leo Moon, your emotions are dramatic and passionate. You seek recognition and thrive on being the center of attention. Your pride and generosity are unmatched, and your emotions often fuel your creative pursuits, making you a natural performer.

♍ Virgo Moon - The Analyzer
A Virgo Moon lends you a logical and analytical approach to your emotions. You're meticulous in your feelings, often striving for perfection and order. While you may struggle with overthinking, your practicality and attention to detail help you solve emotional challenges effectively.

♎ Libra Moon - The Harmonizer
Under a Libra Moon, you have a deep need for balance and harmony in your emotional life. You're drawn to beauty and art, and your relationships hold immense importance. You navigate your feelings with diplomacy and a desire to please, often acting as a mediator in conflicts.

♏ Scorpio Moon - The Intense Mystic
A Scorpio Moon reveals intense and transformative emotions. You're not afraid to dive deep into the shadows, exploring the mysteries of life and emotions. Your emotional resilience and intuition make you an excellent judge of character, but you may also struggle with emotional control.

♐ Sagittarius Moon - The Wanderer
With a Sagittarius Moon, you crave emotional freedom and adventure. You're optimistic, enthusiastic, and always seeking higher truths. You handle emotions with a philosophical outlook, often embracing change and growth with open arms.

♑ Capricorn Moon - The Ambitious
A Capricorn Moon signifies emotional reserve and a strong drive for success. You're disciplined, responsible, and often prioritize duty over feelings. Your emotions are expressed through your achievements, and you're skilled at keeping a cool façade even in turbulent times.

♒ Aquarius Moon - The Innovator
Under an Aquarius Moon, your emotions are linked to your ideals and visions for a better world. You value individuality and often feel a sense of detachment from your emotions. You're a forward-thinker and a unique problem-solver, unafraid to challenge convention.

♓ Pisces Moon - The Dreamer
A Pisces Moon blesses you with deep sensitivity and imagination. Your emotions are fluid, and you often merge with the feelings of others. Highly intuitive and creative, you find solace in artistic pursuits and spiritual exploration, often seeking to transcend the boundaries of the material world.

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